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Hair Treatments



  New Talent    Hair Designer    Creative Desiner    Senior Creative Designer   Artistic Director   Richard
Cut & blow dry £35.00   £44.00   £47.00   £50.00   £54.00   £60.00
Wet cut £25.00   £29.00  


  £35.00   £39.00   £43.00
Restyle, cut & blow dry £40.00   £49.00   £52.00  


  £59.00   £65.00
Blow dry  £20.00   £24.00   £26.00  


  £30.00   £38.00
Hair up  n/a   By quotation    n/a    By quotation    n/a    By quotation


Fringe trim 













The following treatments exclude cut & blowdry
    New Talent   Hair Designer   Creative Designer   Senior Creative Designer    Artistic
Full head highlights   £61.00   £74.00   £76.00   £84.00   £88.00   £90.00
Half head highlights   £48.00   £56.00   £58.00   £64.00   £65.00   £70.00
3/4 head  


  £68.00   £69.50   £74.00   £75.00   £80.00
T Section   £39.00   £46.50   £ 50.00   £54.50   £55.00   £60.00
Colour correction   By quotation                     



    New Talent  

Hair Designer

  Creative Designer   Senior Creative Designer    Artistic Director    Richard
Cut & blow dry   £23.50   £24.00   £26.00   £27.00   £28.00   £33.00
Restyle, cut & blow dry  


  £28.00   £31.00   £35.50   £39.00   £42.00
Blow dry   


  £18.00   £ 19.50   £22.50   £22.00   £25.00
Clipper cut     £17.00    £17.00    £17.00    £17.00    £17.00    


    New Talent    Hair Desiner   Creative Designer    Senior Creative Designer    Artistic Director    Richard
Balayarge or Ombre    By quotation   By quotation   By quotation   By quotation   By quotation   By quotation
Semi permanent    £27.00   £34.00   £36.00   £38.00   £39.00  


Semi Permanent. Long Hair   £34.00   £42.00   £44.00   £45.00   £49.00   £50.00
Retouch colour   £31.00   £38.50   £40.50   £42.00   £44.00   £46.50
Full head colour   £35.00   £44.00   £46.50   £48.00   £50.00   £54.00
Toners   £16.00   £16.00   £16.00   £16.00   £17.00   £18.50
Bleach bath   £29.00   £29.00   £30.00   £30.00   £31.00   £32.00

Should you be a first time client requiring full head or retouch colour,
we would request a free skin test at least 48 hours prior to your appointment


10-15 year olds, 30% off the tariff above (excluding Richard)
    Stylist   Style Designer   Artistic Designer    Creative Designers    Educator/Director    Richard
Cut & blow dry  


  £17.00   £19.00   £21   £21.50    
Wet cut   £14.00   £15.00   £16.00   £17.50   £17.50    
Under 3's   £11   £12                



  For Curls, Volume and Body
    Includes Cut, Blow dry & Finish 
    New Talent   Senior Creative Designer   Richard
Creative fashion perm   £110.00   £115.00*   £140.00
Creative look   £95.00   £100.00*   £130.00
Spiral perm   N/A   £147.00*    N/A






  • Free consultation without obligation
  • Friendly professional team of highly qualified stylists
    and colourists
  • Only the best for you every time
  • Relax and enjoy complimentary refreshments
  Keune Logo   Beautiful intensive treatments to bring lustre,
shine and long lasting condition to your hair    
      New Talent    Creative Designer   Richard
  Bond Fusion    £25.00   £25.00   £25.00
  Keune Mask    £12.00   £12.00   £12.00 


  Tariff subject to change at any time. Please confirm tariff is current. 24 hours required
for cancellations, a charge will be made for missed appointments.
  * Where asterisk applies, tariff varies with Senior Style Directors.




Beauty Therapy Treatments




Caption long wear durable polish
* Add £10.00 for Orly application on manicures & pedicures
*Silver manicure   Reshape file & paint   £15.00
*Gold manicure   Reshape, File, cuticle work & paint   £19.95
     Add french polish for £3.00    
*Platinum manicure   Soak, cuticle attention, nail scrub,
hand mask, heated mittens, Massage, reshape, file & paint.



Calgel & Orly Nails


Gel overlay longlasting, flexible, durable high gloss finish. Enjoy beautiful nails without causing damage to the natural nail plate. Treatment Includes, cuticle attention, reshape, hand massage and Gel application.

Can be used to encourage growth or just as a protector.

No matter how busy your life is, now you can have perfect manicured, coloured or
natural nails every time.

Calgel: £32.50

Orly:   £27.50

Add french polish for £4.00

Maintenance from £15.00

No charge for removal which has been applied in the salon prior to re-application.

Gel nails removal, reshape and nail oil treatment £16.00




*Gold pedicure   Foot spritz, reshape file & paint   £21.00
*Platinum Spa pedicure


Hard skin removal, refreshing and softening spa soak, hydrating scrub, file & shape, cuticle attention, 
massage & paint.

Add £3.00 for french polish.



Minx Nail Armour 


A choice of amazing coloured and patterened flexible foils which are applied to the nail plate to extend fashion to your fingertips & toes.

includes, cuticle attention and reshape.

Love attention? Love Minx!                                           

Gold pedicure with minx finish £31.00

Platinum spa pedicure with minx finish £44.00



Multi award winning cosmeceuticals skin care designed to maximise results for the use of doctors and skin care professionals. Targeting skin problems, reducing the ageing free radicals and toxins associated with morden life. Minimizing the ageing process, active acne, scarring, stretch marks, pigmentation. for all ethnic skins.

Reasons for using Regima Zone 

  • Diminishing fine lines from sun
  • smoothing of deeper line 
  • controlling pigmintation & acne
  • Clearing black heads , spots,mininizing open pores 
  • Repair stretch marks 
  • Returning a youthfulness to the complexion 

Regima Zone Rapid Rejuvo

The perfect pick up facial. Immediate results, lifts, tightens, repairs, giving a youthful, fresh, glowing complextion. Benfits all skin types

Regima Zone Power Peel

incorporating a host of natrul ctives with powerful properties. Healing, rejuvenating, instanly reducing lines, wrinkles & expression lines. Minimizing large pores, sun spots, scarring, pigmentation, plus the process. for all ages

Regima Zone Acne Attack 

Fast acting designed to unblock problematic acne. Targets build up of bacteria, pustules, pimples and will help balance the testosterone within the skin. perfect for all acneic & pigmentation problems and areas


Diamond Elite Microdermabrasion

Diamond Elite is a gentle yet effective exfoliating facial which stimulates the regeneration of new skin cells leaving you with a youthful glow. 


A course of 6 of Microdermabrasion or Glycolic facial depending on your skin requirements £288.00 and purchase your Glycolic cleanser for half price.



Eyelash Extensions


 Lash FX semi permanent synthetic silk lashes. Offering you longer, thicker natural looking eyelashes.

Our professional application gives you the wow factor.


A free 48h skin test is required prior to treatment

Full Set   £51.95
Maintenance    £28.50
Small strip extensions    £28.95


Manual Rapid Tanning

Incorporating a luxury full body exfoliation, followed by a beautiful dark and even instant tan which continues to develop to a mximum of 8 hours. Great for the party, wedding, pre holiday tan, ideal for any occasion.

Full Body   £36.95
Half Body   £27.95


Eye Enhancements

Eyebrow reshape, tint & eyelash tint   £28.00
Eye brow reshape & tint   £17.50
Eyebrow tint   £10.50
Eyelash tint   16.50
Eyelash tint & eyebrow resshape   £22.50

Eyebrow design



Define Eyebrows
Full consultation how to acheive your best, includes reshape, design practical advice on acheiving perfect eyebrows. Leave the salon looking great.

EVLT Lash Enhancement
giving your lashes a voluminouse curl resulting in eye lashes looking thicker, lifted & curled to give an open & lift to the eyes
(24 hour skin test prior to fist treatment)


Ear Piercing

Professional certificated therapists offering a vast choice of earrings. Includes a free home care solution




Waxing with our wax therapists.


A great way to say goodbye to unwanted hair, leaving
your skin soft and smooth to the touch. with Warm or Hot wax.

A free consultation and trial patch test for those first timers.

Half leg inc knees   £18.50
Full leg     £28.00
Upper leg from knee - top of thigh   £21.50
Full arm     £20.50
Undersarms      £12.00
Lip or chin     £9.00
Lip & Chin     £14.50
 Nostrils      £10.00
Intimate waxing with Hot wax      
Hollywood Everything, front - back   £31.00
Brazilian Everything leaving only a strip   £27.00
G String High sides - buttock - top   £23.00
Bikini line only Bikini line - crease of leg   £14.50
High Bikini Bikini - high sides - top   £17.50
Purchase 2 wax treatments receive a 3rd treatment half price on the same day.



Relax and unwind in a cosseted environment
Back & Neck Hands on 30 Minutes   £37.00
Full Body Hands on 45 Minutes   £40.00
Continue to relax after your massage with complimentary refreshments



Male Waxing

Back Base of back upwards, neck & shoulders   £26.00
Chest  chest, shou;der, neck line   £28.95

Beauty Package

This package makes a perfect gift or just to treat yourself. Consists of a Regima Zone refreshing facial, double cleanse, exfoliate, back, neck & shoulder massage, silver manicure or eye brow design