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Great Lengths Hair Extentions
At the Longbrook Salon


Steps to how Great Lengths is prepared:


1. The hair used for the extensions is sourced from Indian temples, meaning the hair used is 100% human hair. During Hindu rituals, women and men voluntarily sacrifice their hair by completely shaving the head. This is a process known as Tonsuring. Payment for the hair donated is used to help support the local community by building Temples and used for medical services.

2. Once the hair has been donated, the hair has to be sorted and hair that hasn’t been exposed to damaging chemicals or styling, it is then shipped to the Great Lengths factory in Italy. Once it has been shipped to Italy, the first cleansing process begins which focuses on removing any bacteria and toxins in the hair. The hair is then purified again and sewn onto cloth to make sure the hair stays in the right direction. After the hair is placed into baths, where very gently, existing pigment is removed through a natural process called osmosis. By doing this naturally, it means that the cuticle stays in tact. Keeping the quality of the hair to a high standard.

3. The purified hair is then added into a colour bath. The process Osmosis again works by naturally replacing the colour pigment that was removed by purifying the hair with new colour. After the hair is dried, you then have beautiful, healthy colourfast hair.

4. To ensure that there are no tangles or shorter hair, the Great Length team go through a process called ‘Hackling’. This is where the finished and processed hair is inspected under a UV light, to guarantee the colour is consistent and pure. This then results in totally pure and ethical hair extensions of the most luxurious quality in perfect condition.

Great length info:

Great length hair extensions are 100% human hair. The hair is from India and is sent to Italy to be


How cold fusion technique works.


This method of bonding uses an ultra sonic wave that generates heat within the keratin bond by using a vibration. This then allows the stylist to mould the bond into a flat bond which makes it more comfortable for your head and more unnoticeable.

This cold fusion technique is one of the newest, most modern methods of hair extensions available.

The extensions come with keratin resin bonds already attatched. Keratin is a natural protein found in human hair, making it a natural product and is the strongest, most flexible hair extension attachment around. Keratin bonds are also easily removed causing no damage to your own hair.


Hair extensions are a perfect solution for many reasons and it’s not all just about adding extra length, it can be used to create more volume for people who hair is fine and difficult to manage, a cut or fringe that you have been trying to grow out for ages or even to add different colours to your hair.

Great lengths are a worldwide brand of quality hair extensions that are specially designed to cause no damage to your natural hair and Alice, our certified Great lengths technician is trained in one of the newest application methods of bonded hair extensions, using a cold fusion technique. 

At the Longbrook Salon we offer free consultations for our clients who want to know a little bit more about Great Lengths or whether they wanted to get hair extensions, however we will go through a detailed consultation sheet to achieve the best results for you.